Bartbürste und Bartkamm für die natürliche Bartpflege

Beard brush and beard comb for natural beard care

In summary, we recommend a beard brush with natural bristles and a beard comb made of wood or horn for natural beard care and wish you lots of fun brushing...

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Energiekamm für Pferde

Energy comb for horses

Energize your horse. You can comb your hair, style your hair, energize meridians, massage your fascia and trigger points with any of the energy combs for horses offered here.

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hair loss

Do you brush or comb your hair and notice that more and more hairs are showing in the brush or comb? Or do you pull your fingers through your hair...

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Holz oder Horn?

wood or horn?

It's like: Geha or Pelikan. Pepsi or Coke. Alpro or soya. In our experience, there is no better or worse. Some are happy with a wooden comb and others with...

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Energiekämme - warum, wieso, wofür

Energy combs - why, what for?

It was Albert Einstein who said: "Everything is energy and there is nothing more to say about it." Our physical body forms our skin and our hair. Above our physical...

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Die ideale Kämmtechnik für Ihr Haar

The ideal combing technique for your hair

When it comes to the question of which comb is the right one for you, the length of your hair is not decisive. The right toothing is crucial so that...

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Haarbürste oder Haarkamm?

Hairbrush or hair comb?

The big difference for you between a comb and a brush is that from experience you have the feeling that your hair is styled faster with a brush than with...

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CO2 Speicher Holz

CO2 storage wood

Who still knows the slogan: "Jute instead of plastic"? The slogan is 40 years old and describes part of the environmental movement of the time. The terms "grain eaters" or...

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Wie finde ich meinen Lieblings Kamm?

How do I find my favorite comb?

Yes, every morning I stand in front of the mirror, comb my hair with my favorite comb and have a smile on my face. Dear readers, Today I cordially invite...

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"100 Bürstenstriche täglich" Unsinn oder Sinn?

"100 brush strokes a day" nonsense or sense?

Dear readers*, dear readers,Welcome to the great world of natural hair care.Kindness and the smile on our face are essential parts of our personality. The same goes for our hairstyle...

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Feine, dünne und glatte Haare

Fine, thin and straight hair

Fine hair is characterized by the fact that your hair dries quickly in the air after washing, you are quickly styled with the right haircut and the hair shines and...

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Normale bis kräftige Haare, glatt bis leicht gewellt

Normal to thick hair, straight to slightly wavy

Normal to thick hair is characterized by being naturally loose, soft to the touch and shiny. Styling is easy and uncomplicated. The scalp is healthy, the hair grows diligently and...

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Lockige, dünne bis dicke Haare

Curly, thin to thick hair

Whether you have curly hair, or ringlets, or frizzy hair, the shape is genetically determined. No matter what you do about it, curly hair grows back curly. People with curly...

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