Energy comb for horses

Energiekamm für Pferde

Energize your horse

As a comb maker and naturopath, I know the human body with its over 70 trillion cells very well. Each cell has a voltage of approx. 140mV and the electrical voltage runs through tissue, organs, nerve fibers, fascial fibers and our skin.

People and animals are surrounded by an energy field. Old Far Eastern and European health teachings know this energy, which I call life energy.

Today we know that the earth is not flat, that the earth revolves around the sun, that micronutrients are transported in the blood, that electrical current actually flows through nerve pathways, that skin resistance can be assessed along the meridians and, more recently, that fascial tissue is more as collagen structures. It is a network of communicating fibers. Does our life energy also flow here? It seems likely.

Through the experience with our energy combs , Claudia Langhein from the Horse Human Community approached me and asked me to make energy combs for horses .

I am not a horse specialist. I know that our combs comb every hair, that this has a positive effect on living beings and that the back of a wooden comb is ideal for fascial massage and the comb ends for trigger point massage. Implementing this for horses was Claudia's part. This is how the joint project Energiekamm for horses came about.

With the energy comb for horses you can gently comb your horse's coat and mane and also style it if necessary. You will notice how your horse likes it if you slide over the whole body with a little more pressure. Your horse shows you where it particularly wants to feel this pleasant, balancing and at the same time energizing feeling.

The special thing about the energy combs for horses is that the comb itself is thicker, stronger and more stable than, for example, a curling comb. The individual tines are stable and suitable for almost all horse hair. The tips of the tines are worked in such a way that it is comfortable for the horse when you stroke the comb under the skin over the skin.

The back of the comb is suitable for penetrating the fascia with gentle, circular pressure (position parallel to the fascia) and moving from there with initially gentle circular movements to movements that tolerate more and more pressure (your horse will meet you) in order to loosen the fascial tissue.

The ends of the comb can be used to massage trigger points in a targeted manner.

You can comb, groom, energize meridians, fascia and trigger point massage with any of the energy combs for horses offered here.

Just as I know that different people prefer different woods, Claudia knows from personal experience that horses also prefer different woods and that this varies greatly.

Information on the individual types of wood can be found here: Types of wood for our hair combs

My recommendations for the choice of wood are:

  • Any type of wood you choose for your horse is the right type of wood.
  • I recommend Speierling for very sensitive horses.
  • To activate cherry wood
  • Hornbeam cools and calms
  • Plum brings loving liveliness
  • Serviceberry Security and love. Anyone who works with fascia and trigger points with this intention will be greatly supported by the service tree.
  • The maple activates more gently and softly than the cherry.
  • Applewood energy combs have the theme of mindfulness. It promotes the connection between horse and human and the massage is very mindful of the horse's energy.

This is a small selection.

If you have any questions, suggestions or experiences to share with us, we look forward to receiving an email from you.

Cleaning and care of energy combs for horses:

The energy combs for horses are untreated. They absorb the sebum that the horse's skin produces when it is combed. This is a perfect natural polish. If there is too much sebum or dirt in the comb, you can clean the wooden comb under running lukewarm water with a mild soap and then let it dry on a towel.

Then comb through the coat and mane again to pick up the hair oil.

If you want to treat the comb with fatty oils or waxes, you are welcome to do so. Be creative. For the benefit of your horse.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you and your horse lots of fun with the energy combs.

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