The ideal combing technique for your hair

Die ideale Kämmtechnik für Ihr Haar

When it comes to the question of which comb is the right one for you, the length of your hair is not decisive.
The right toothing is crucial so that you feel comfortable when combing and the comb is gentle on the scalp and hair.

Use the following tips to find your ideal, individual combing technique:

  • The longer your hair, the more likely it is that knots will form
    Avoid tangles and tangles in your hair by starting at the bottom and combing strand by strand first the bottom third of the hair, then the bottom two thirds of the hair and then the hair from the roots to the ends.
  • To protect your hair, please comb your hair before washing it or brush it with a boar bristle brush to care for your hair. Dandruff is gently removed from the hair and the body's own hair fat is distributed in the dry areas of the hair.
    You can find more information about grooming hairbrushes here:
    100 brush strokes daily

  • Please comb wet hair with coarser teeth than dry hair. As wet hair is more delicate and prone to breakage, please avoid using excessive force and comb as loosely as possible.

Please do not brush your wet hair.
With the large surface of the brush, you put significantly more force on your hair and the hair is more likely to be pulled out or broken.

comb technique_tips

Combing technique tip for fine hair:
Fine hair is thin, translucent and feels like a silk thread.
The choice of shampoo, hair soap and care products is very important for healthy fine hair. It must not be too greasy or contain surfactants.
Apricot kernel oil and argan oil are ideal care partners.
Putting a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing it over your hair before combing gives you the ideal combing feeling.
Combing technique tip for normal hair:
Our hair and our hairstyle clothes us. They are an essential part of our expression. If we take care of our hair, we take care of ourselves.
Combing your hair 2-3x a day means sorting and aligning your hair and us 2-3x a day and bringing fresh energy into our bodies.
Comb or brush your hair before washing your hair
Combing technique tip for curly hair:
Only comb your wet hair and let it air dry.
If a leave-in conditioner, a blend of aloe vera gel and apricot kernel oil conditioner, or an acidic conditioner with vinegar or lemon juice feels good, give your hair the conditioner and comb through your hair with the conditioner and let your hair air dry.
Before washing your hair, we recommend brushing with the semicircular boar bristle brush and combing through the hair.
Please do not leave your comb in the shower.

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