Energy combs - why, what for?

Energiekämme - warum, wieso, wofür

It was Albert Einstein who said: "Everything is energy and there is nothing more to say about it."

Our physical body forms our skin and our hair. Above our physical body lies our energy body. We feel it when we suddenly get goosebumps, when a shiver runs down our spines, when we are tired and drained for no reason, when love gets under our skin or when we are completely relaxed.

Our hair is a subtle connection from the energy body to the physical body and vice versa. The image below shows how we can imagine the energy around our body.

Almost 20 years ago, I took a few weeks to visit a center for body therapy and natural hairdressers in Switzerland. There I learned the Chinese massage technique An Mo and in particular the Chinese head massage Tou Bu An Mo. Together with natural hairdressers on site and with the knowledge of the meridians on the head and body, in addition to the head massage with the hands, a head massage with our combs was created is finer and more subtle.

In particular, pulling out the hair with a wide-toothed comb and then “shaking it out” in the direction of the earth gives cleansing energies back to the earth and relaxes.

This cleansing movement is one of many ways I'm happy to share.

My knowledge as a comb maker and as a naturopath came together here and multiplied.

What makes a Groetsch energy comb special ?

Any of our combs will do you good, sort your hair, detangle and detangle it, and feel comfortable. Dive deeper into combing and feel the subtle energies on your skin, which can give you goosebumps. Surprised? You have arrived in the middle of the energy massage with a comb.

Our energy combs are made even finer and more sensitive. Therefore, before combing your hair energetically, we ask you to comb your hair with a styling comb, curling comb, grip comb or pocket comb so that it hardly tugs.

When combing with a Groetsch energy comb, you will experience and feel the following:

  • Alignment of hair and energy body
  • Strengthening the connection between the energy body and the physical body
  • Relaxation and/or activation of the energy channels
  • Stimulating the energy flow of selected meridians
  • Activation of the pineal gland
  • Open the Third Eye
  • Developing yourself and your energy

We recommend the following combing and massage techniques:

For yourself:

  • Intuitive - relaxing with the stroke, slightly stimulating the flow of energy
  • With the awareness of the meridians and the course on the body
  • Activation of the pineal gland with breathing support
  • Integration and manifestation of the wood energy into your energy body
  • tree meditation

As a pair:

  • Apply the above points to each other and alternately
  • Head massage with 1 or 2 energy combs

Our energy combs are available in 4 different types of wood. Since the teaching of the 4 elements is an essential part of classic naturopathy in my naturopathic practice, I have divided the energy combs into 4 different types of wood, each of which corresponds to an element.

Information on the types of wood can be found here: Types of wood

Further information on the 4 elements teaching and which element is currently clearly represented in your case can be found in the following link: 4 elements personality test

If you have any questions, my team and I will be happy to help you.

your comb maker


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