Beard brush and beard comb for natural beard care

Bartbürste und Bartkamm für die natürliche Bartpflege

The barber profession fascinates me.

You come to the barber, sit in the chair, lean back and put yourself in the barber's hands. After foaming up the fine shaving foam, the barber sharpens the blade of the razor, the whiskers become softer and stick out a little further from the skin, before the barber places the knife under the ear and begins the shave. Without trust - no way.

A good 15 years ago I learned how to wet shave from scratch in a workshop.

It was a very nice experience to feel how different beard hairs can be. There is strong and unruly, smooth and curly or really thick and rather fine beard hair and it was very nice to experience the difference between a dry and wet shave.

Combing can be a sensual experience.

Customers often tell me when they try a Groetsch comb for the first time that it feels so good and they only now realize that combing can be a sensual experience. It's the same with wet shaving at the barber. It's a sensual experience.

What applies to every hair and every beard is that the sebum that our sebaceous glands produce for our hair has exactly the conditioning composition that our hair needs.

The ideal beard wax is the sebum that is produced by the skin itself to care for the beard hair.

That's why I recommend a beard brush with natural bristles for grooming to anyone with a beard. Our natural bristles in the beard brush are made from 100% pure wild boar bristles, ideally filed (the bristles are of different lengths) and medium-hard - perfect for facial skin.

The natural bristles absorb the valuable sebum from the facial skin and release it again on the dry areas of the beard hair. This has proven itself in natural hair care in the head area with natural hair brushes as well as in natural beard care.

Experience has shown that a beard brush with a handle is very comfortable to brush because the fingers do not come too close to the skin and beard when brushing and it is easy to control.

The body of the beard brush is made of ash wood and is available stained natural light or reddish brown.

Ash wood is an ideal wood for brush bodies. Matching colors are wooden combs made of maple for light beard brushes and made of cherry or plum wood for dark beard brushes.

Beard brushes with natural bristles are suitable for brushing and grooming dry beard hair. Brushing is ideal in the morning and evening and especially before washing and shaving.

Cleaning and care of the beard brush with natural bristles:

It is best to remove loose hair and dust with a wide-toothed comb. If the brush contains too much sebum or care products, clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Lay the bristles down on a towel to dry.

Beard combs are suitable for wet and dry beard hair.

The woods that we use for the beard combs are suitable for dry and wet beard hair. Compared to spruce, fir and pine, they are harder and have finer pores and do not have the high suction effect of wanting to absorb water

Information on the different types of wood such as maple, apple, service tree, hornbeam, cherry, service tree and plum can be found here: Our types of wood

Did you know that we use a lot of fruit wood? Woods from trees such as apple, cherry and plum are very popular.

You can find a comparative blog post here: Blog: Which fruit wood should it be?

In summary, we recommend a beard brush with natural bristles and a beard comb made of wood or horn for natural beard care and wish you lots of fun brushing and combing.

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