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Do you brush or comb your hair and notice that more and more hairs are showing in the brush or comb?

Or do you pull your fingers through your hair and more hair comes loose than usual?

Do you find more hair in the sink, the shower and the tiles in the bathroom?

You feel uneasy and I can relate to that very well. The "letting hair" startles, unsettles and spreads sadness.

My first tip:

Please put the brush in the drawer for a while and preferably comb your hair with a wide-toothed horn comb or wooden comb (recommendation at the end of the article). Since each brush has a larger surface area than a comb, you unconsciously put more force on the hair and hair roots. You avoid this when using a comb.

Back to hair loss

The most common forms are:

  • Hereditary
  • drug induced
  • circular
  • diffuse

Known causes:

  • mineral deficiency
  • stress
  • diseases
  • medication
  • hormone system etc.

Most of the time there isn't one cause. I often see that the causes are a combination of several points and that there are connections between the various points.

An example:

Stress, nervousness, overexertion, autoimmune diseases and infections can lead to oxidative and/or microsomal stress. The result can be a micronutrient deficiency. Not because the nutrients aren't available, but because they can't get into the cell. And if they don't get into the cell, they're not available to the cell's engine.

The hair on our heads is like a plant that thrives when the soil it is planted in is nutritious, of good consistency and well watered.

Just like every plant and our body, every cell in our body is a highly complex system that needs to be ideally supplied with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc.

If our body cells lack essential substances, their performance is limited.

In addition to tiredness and lethargy, hair loss can also be a symptom.

Whole blood analyzes and targeted blood tests for stressors give a clear picture of the cause and the basis for an individual therapy plan.

Why is this topic important to me?

As a comb maker, I regularly meet people who suffer from hair loss.

I am very happy to take a close look at the situation and the hair and give recommendations as part of natural hair care.

In order to get to the causes in detail, I need a detailed anamnesis, a precise examination of the hair, hair roots and scalp, a full blood count and, if necessary, further tests to localize stressors.

I offer this as a naturopath in my practice.

your comb maker

Melanie Groetsch

Product recommendation:

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You can find more information about the woods we use here: Types of wood

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