Welches Obstholz darf es sein?

Which fruit wood would you like?

Apple, cherry or plum? Wood is not just wood, fruit is not just fruit and people are not like anyone else and that is a good thing. apple wood We...

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Elsbeere oder Speierling?

Sorbus torminalis or Sorbus domestica?

Sorbus torminalis (in German Elsbeere) and Sorbus domestica (in German Speierling) comes from the same family. Both can be several hundred years old, bear fruit, have a serrated leaf edge...

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Ahorn oder Hainbuche - warm oder kalt?

Maple or hornbeam - warm or cold?

As my dad likes to say, "not B-horn, C-horn or D-horn, it's maple (in German Ahorn)" When we work the maple wood in the workshop, it actually reminds me of...

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