Fine or wide teeth?

Feine oder grobe Zahnung?

What is the difference between wide and fine teeth?

The wide toothing has a tooth width at the tooth base of 1.6mm and the distance from tooth to tooth is also 1.6mm.

The fine toothing has a tooth width of 1mm at the tooth base and a distance from tooth to tooth of 0.8mm.

The combination of wide and fine teeth is one of the oldest and most consistent. It comes from a time when hair was worn straight and correct.

The finer the teeth, the more wood surface slides through your hair and the more hair oil is picked up by your comb.

With the fine teeth it is also possible to comb dust out of the hair.

It also feels different on the scalp. The fine teeth actually feel finer, the individual teeth can hardly be felt, whereas the wide teeth are coarser and every tooth can be felt.

Our recommendation is to comb through dry hair first with the wide teeth and then with the fine teeth.

For wet hair, please choose the wide teeth.


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