Extra wide or extremely wide teeth?

Breite oder extrabreite Zahnung?

What is the difference between extra wide and extremely wide toothing?

The extra wide toothing has a tooth width of 4mm and the distance from tooth to tooth is 3mm.

The extremely wide toothing has a tooth width of 6mm and a distance from tooth to tooth of 6mm.

The larger the teeth, the bigger the curls and the finer the teeth, the smoother you comb your curls.

Both teeth are part of our history.

It was my grandfather who started adding the extra wide teeth to the comb range in the 1970s and my father started with the extremely wide teeth in the early 1990s.

The customer wishes - the comb maker implements.

Both teeth are suitable for dry and wet hair. Fine, normal or thick hair is often combed with both teeth. Just the question of whether you prefer it curly or straight makes the difference.


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