"I have known the Groetsch family for many years and I know exactly how much passion, love expertise and conviction they have in the Comb Manufacture Groetsch. Thank you so much!"

-Linda und Mike

"Well, then he broke in two, our plastic comb! Now we wanted to buy a wooden comb in the long term and decided on the Groetsch 1A stylingcomb. We use this as family comb, because in our household everyone has different hair lengths. The comb is a good size and can be used by everyone. The quality of the wood and the workmanship are very good. We are happy about this comb and are very satisfied with the purchase."

-Matthias H.

"The story is, that the female (left) gave the husband (right) the beardcomb for Christmas. He is super happy with it and she is happy that he always has such a well-groomed beard."

-Laura L.

"In search for a special gift to my girlfriend, I came across the side of Kamm Manufaktur Groetsch. With the combfinder I could easily make a choice. Comb selected – wood species determined – girlfriend made happy."

-Thom R.

"Dear Groetsch family, I´m thrilled with my new favorite comb. Great workmanship, which you always like to carry with you with a clear conscience. The discret but very elegant packaging would also make it a perfect gift ideas. Warm greetings"

-Judith S.

"I choose a buffalo horn comb and I am extremely satisfied! The horn comb characterized by the individual handwork, lies wonderfully in the hand and even when combing it does not pull in the air at all! Since I have been using this comb, my hair has been exposed even more. I am extremely satisfied, do not belong to any other comb/brush and can only recommend my buffalo horn comb!"

-Sabine S.

"I bought the spaghetti server as a gift for my mother and we are really excited about the high quality product, the wood and the workmanship. We are always happy to recommend it, which is why many of our friends and family members now use and love the spaghetti lifter and salad cutlery. It is a great gift idea and also highly recommended for personal use!"

-Hannah L.

Why choose a Groetsch comb?

  • Polished tooth tips
  • Rounded tooth base
  • Smooth teething

Combing does well and is healthy.

To sort wet or dry hair in a gentle you need the right technique and the right comb.

The tooth pitch should be a perfect fit for your hair and the material used for the teething should be smooth. Like that your hair will not be pulled unnecessarily.

The rounded tooth base is very soft to the pine cone shaped hair structure. The polished tooth tips have a nice grip that reaches to the scalp. They also give a gentle scalp massage.

Combing is just good for you.



True Handwork

Working with wood and horn is a new experience every day. Horn does not equal horn. Every piece of wood is a little different to another piece. To work with the natural materials as individually as possible, we decided to only go for handiwork more than 170 years ago.

The advantages speak for themselves: durable products, smooth and untreated with chemicals surfaces and maximal and sustainable use of trees that often-provided shade for longer than 100 years. All of these facts let you experience pleasure while combing.

Our goal is for you to comb your wet hair or dry hair as softly and gentle as possible by using one of our Groetsch combs. You will experience the soothing effect once the comb glides over your scalp.

Then as today

Then as today

My grandfather got an order to give advice on plastic combs and their static charge. To be precise he was asked to what extent a plastic comb can charge and to compare them to wood combs. It was established that using a wood comb does not cause any electrostatic charge while plastic combs produce up to 60 000 V/m at the comb and up to a few 100 000 V/m at the combed hair.

Already in 1985 it was scientifically proven that electrostatic charges have negative effects on your organism.

Extract of a report written by Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider (25.11.1985)

“Exogenous electrical malfunctions stress the organism. It’s a fact that there are more and more people who are electrosensitive.”

My grandfather describes in his brochure from the 80s a “new comb feeling” which is shared with every new customer.

Here’s an extract of his brochure:

Martin Groetsch:” An expert demands from a good comb that it’s well suited for intense scalp massages, even though I know out of experience that this very pleasant function almost fell into complete oblivion. A lot of my customers mentioned enthusiastically in unsolicited feedback a “new comb feeling” and a “experience”. Generally, they were mentioning wellbeing’s which they have not felt before. I will try to explain that natural process.

A scalp massage is more pleasant if you use harder comb teeth, in other words the better the tooth tips are polished. Some plastic combs are sprayed in a special way, so they have especially sharp tooth tips and force the user – in complete unawareness – to style their hair holding their comb in a lower manner to avoid the painful scratching. It is actually that easy to make many new friends only with a good comb.”

And that is exactly the passion that was passed from my grandfather to my father and onto me.