Wooden Sweater Lint Comb

Gently loosens lint from woollen clothing

For our lint combs, we use only the finest pored woods so that we can work the fine teeth as smoothly as possible.

Use the fine teeth of the lint comb to comb off coarser knots and lint on woollen clothing. With the finer lint comb teeth you comb finer knots and lint from your high quality feel-good clothing.

Our wooden combs are made by hand with passion.

CO2 neutrally produced
Gentle on all hair

17,50 22,50 

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Lieferung in 3 - 5 Werktagen (Ausland 5 - 7 Werktage)

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Fair and social


true handwork

Is rather cool in the hand, since it is probably the hardest wood in Europe and very fine-pored.