Knots comb

extra wide/fine; ca. 18cm long

Support for combing out knots soft and gentle. The combination of extra wide and fine teeth is suitable for straight to curly hair and thin to strong hair structure. With the extra wide teethed side you easy and soft comb out the knots in the hair. Step by step please and of course your wet hair, while the fine teethed side is best used für styling the already dried hair. Our products can be used for any length of hair because of taking care about the way of combing. They are always created with the highest quality and ethical standards. Handmade in Germany with passion.

  • antistatic
  • untreated with chemicals
  • plastic free
  • vegan
  • gentle to skin and hair

Most importantly, combing is a great way to maintain healthy hair.

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  • Cherry tree wood
  • Elsberry
  • Hornbeam wood
  • Maple
  • Sorb tree ( true service) wood

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true handwork

Types of wood

The ideal comb wood because it is very fine-pored, very hard, elastiv and insensitive to moisture.
More about the types of wood

Cleaning and Care

Our wood combs are neither treated with oil nor with water. This has the advantage for you that your comb can take in the hair fat and even when you use it for wet hair it stays smooth. Since we only use selected fine-pored hard wood, it is enough to put the wood comb on a dry towel after combing wet hair or cleaning it with water and soap. The selected wood is hard and dense that it hardly assimilates humidity. Regular oiling for care is not needed for this kind of comb. It is excited to absorb the hair fat directly from your scalp.

More about cleaning and care