Energy Combs Amaranth

Energy Comb Amaranth

Amarantos comes from the Greek and translates as “always flowering”.
The wood gets its strong purple colour when sunlight shines on it after processing. Our energy combs made of amaranth wood bring momentum into your energy pathways and support the activation of the pineal gland / third eye.
You will receive further information with the delivery and every 4th Wednesday of the month online from 7.00 pm.

We make 3 different sizes:
– 9cm long as a companion in your pocket for combing in between.
– 12cm long as an all-rounder for daily energetic combing and in between.
– 16cm for long hair for daily energetic combing and the energetic head massage.
Our energy combs:
– are made on site in Enzendorf with dedication, calmness and flow
– are vegan
– are polished with organic coconut oil and diamond powder
– are working

Yes, amaranth wood comes from South America. My grandfather bought it decades ago. A time when there was no demand for combs made from native woods. I have guarded this wood like a treasure ever since. Now is the time to use it as wisely as possible.

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