Energy Com Set

energy comb set 4 kinds of wood

  • energy comb set includes 4 combs – ca. 12cm long und 4cm high.

They form a cycle that can be compared to the rhythm of the 4 elements.

We start with walnut, which stands for letting go and new beginnings. This is followed by the stone pine, which supports us to continue in balance with ourselves and the world. The ever-flowering quality of amaranth wood lovingly fires our third eye and pineal gland, and the steadiness of oak allows what has been started to manifest.

You will receive more information with your delivery and every 4th Wednesday of the month online from 7.00 pm.

Our energy combs:

  • are made in Germany with passion, calmness and flow
  • are vegan
  • ware polished with organic coconut oil and diamond powder
  • are working

Price advantage in the set € 8


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