Energy Combs Oak wood

Energy comb oak wood

Who doesn’t know them, the robust and faithful oaks.
My experience with the wood of the oak is that you can feel how deep the roots of the trees go into the earth and connect there. This connection and standing is stored in the wood, is passed on and feels as if the flow of energy full of safety and security is constantly flowing.

You will receive more information with the delivery and every 4th Wednesday of the month online from 19.00.

We make 3 different sizes:
– 9cm long as a companion in your pocket for combing in between.
– 12cm long as an all-rounder for daily energetic combing and in between.
– 16cm for long hair for daily energetic combing and the energetic head massage.

Unsere Energiekämme:

  • are made in Germany with passion, calmness and flow
    are vegan
    are polished with organic coconut oil and diamond powder
    are working

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