Cherry wood spaghetti lifter (regional)

with spaghetti measurement

With the spaghetti scoop made of beech wood you can serve spaghetti, pasta, French fries, gnocci and other fine dishes elegantly on your plate.

Take one spaghetti lifter each in your hand and gently and carefully reach under your finished dish and guide it towards each other so that the prongs interlock. This way you can take the fine food out of the pot or bowl and arrange it on the plate in a targeted manner.

Spaghetti size: approx. 120g spaghetti (standard length and thickness) fit through the small hole and 180g through the large hole.

The spaghetti lifters were oiled with extra virgin olive oil.

Plastic free


Please clean the spaghetti lifter under running water with a detergent of your choice, then dry it with a dishtowel and oil it again.


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Cleaning and Care

Please clean your kitchen accessoires with lukewater and a mild soap. Please oil it with a vegetable oil regularly.