Welcome to the heart of our family business.

There is a very special company philosophy behind our family business, wich was founded in 1848. Now it´s run by Melanie Groetsch in the 5th generation.

Our passion is:



True Handwork

We understand of sustainable production the following:

  • resource saving handling with wood and horn
  • long-lived products
  • plastic-free packaging
  • electricity from own hydropower
  • CO2 neutral production
  • creating resources for the next generations. We planted every tree which wood we are using
  • Fair and social teamwork

Real Handwork

  • guarantees the best quality and sustainability
  • every work step is real handwork
  • small defects in wood or horn are dealt with individually
  • experience since 1848
  • hand sawn for respectful handling of natural products

Quality shows through:

  • well-refined tooth
  • polished tooth tips
  • round teeth
  • longevity
  • new enjoyable feeling of combing
  • satisfied price performance ratio
  • competent advice around natural hair care
  • meticulous selection of wood and horn