“100 brush strokes daily” Nonsense or sense?

Welcome to the big wide world of natural hair care. Like our smile, our hair and hairstyle are an essential part of our personality.
1000 brush strokes

Dear Readers,

welcome to the big wide world of natural hair care.

Currently we meet many people who wear a protection mouth and nose.

A part of the personality, non-verbal communication and especially the smile falls away.

Please close your eyes for a moment. Imagine that not only is protection from mouth and nose, but also the hair is hidden.

How does this affect you?

Reduced? Hardly tangible in terms of character? Rather cool and matter-of-fact?

Like our smile, our hair and hairstyle are an essential part of our personality.

That is why healthy hair is important to us. Through our hairstyle we wear our hair the way we feel comfortable with it and want to express ourselves.

Hand on heart – how much money have you already spent on hair care products?

By this I mean the numerous hair treatments, anti-splitting treatments, raw materials for DIY instructions, tablets to take and hair packs that we have ever bought at the drugstore, perfumery, hairdresser, alternative practitioner or organic food store.

This adds up to a not inconsiderable amount, right?

In the end, the hairdresser cut off the split hair, because you cannot repair broken hair.

You and I know the best, most lasting and cleverest hair care for your healthy, beautiful and vital hair.


Choose a wild boar bristle brush that brushes your hair in the best possible way to ideally distribute exactly the above formula in your hair.

Why this?

The sense of a wild boar bristle brush is to absorb our hair grease from the scalp and release it back into dry areas of the hair.

Our sebaceous glands produce every second exactly the care our hair needs – see recipe above.

With the help of your favorite brush, you distribute the most precious formula from the hairline to the tips of your hair (and yes, it also works on colored hair). The result and the sense are healthy, shiny and naturally beautiful hair that makes you and your personality shine and glow.

Nonsense of “100 brush strokes daily”.

It is nonsense if you take the 100 brush strokes exactly and count brush stroke by brush stroke as if you count sheep in bed to fall asleep.

It is nonsense if the bristle does not reach the scalp.

A good wild boar bristle brush has different length of bristles and has a suitable hardness according to the hair. Only when the bristle reaches the scalp can the bristle absorb the hair grease from the scalp and release it into dry areas of the hair.

It is nonsense to brush freshly washed hair with a wild boar bristle brush, because after hair washing there is no hair grease left on the scalp.

This is how a wild boar bristle brush makes sense:

Brush the dry hair in the morning and/or evening and spreads the hair grease up to the tips of the hair.

The brush lies well in the hand, grips your hair perfectly, the bristle feels comfortable on your scalp and you feel the effect of the hair care right to the tips of your hair.

My favorite brush: Olivenholzbürste 6-reihig halbrund

The technique of brushing is philosophy and science at the same time and will be covered in another blog post.

If you have any further questions about the nonsense and sense of the “100 brush strokes daily”, we will be happy to help you.



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