How do I find my favourite comb?

Yes, every morning I stand in front of the mirror, comb my hair with my favourite comb and have a smile on my face.
Finding a comb

Dear Readers,

Today I invite you to start the day with a smile. You have found your ideal comb. You comb wet and dry hair.

As your favourite comb glides through your hair and over your scalp, you notice how this fine invigorating tingle spreads from the top of your head to the tips of your feet and there – there it is – it happens all by itself – there is your smile on your face.

1000 times experienced…

In counselling interviews I get to know in great detail where the shoe pinches you. The reasons for this are very varied and cannot be shear over a comb – and yes, I love these puns.

Often there is an impression that a comb tweaks, becomes statically charged, simply doesn’t feel good and scratches the scalp. Yes, there are such combs – unfortunately far too many.

I would like to tell you about one of my father’s experiences that we have already experienced in various forms more than 1000 times: Decades ago my father was invited to show our old craft in a noble hotel. He took our mobile comb cutting machine, a few selected combs and presented our profession.

Then a man came – suit with tie. It seemed like two worlds collided. The craftsman, who was practically dressed and the conservative suit-wearer, who until then bought a new plastic comb almost every week because he was careless with it and lost the combs again and again.

Since the suit-wearer was waiting for his wife, he informed himself about my father’s work. With passion my father showed how he works and explained why a wooden comb is healthy. Out of sympathy the man bought a wooden comb with fine teeth and went to meet his wife.

My father saw how the man took the comb out of its packaging, combed his hair, turned around and came straight back. With big eyes and a smile on his face he said to my father: “That pleasant tingle. I feel it from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.”

We have been able to experience moments like this many times before and it makes us happy every time we put a smile on people’s faces with our combs.

How do I find my favourite comb?

Have you bought a comb so often and spent a lot of money on it? Unpacked at home – tried it out and put it aside again for unsuitable.

“Frustration arises because the comb does not fit.”

My standards as a comb maker are: “My favourite comb must be beautiful, fit snugly in my hand, comb my wet and dry hair easily, and pull the corners of my mouth up.”

To feel the tingling sensation, I set the wooden comb or horn comb at an angle of about 45° and comb my hair from the forehead to the neck. The energy pathways on our skin run along the front of the upper body upwards to the top of the head and along the back of the head over the back again downwards (very simplified illustration – I know).

Combing and brushing with the flow of the energy channels calms you and in the opposite direction it has an invigorating effect.

With long hair I recommend you first comb your hair from below before you comb your hair from the forehead over the neck to the tips. Please keep the teeth of the comb on the scalp. You choose the strength of the pressure.

You cannot decide how strong the pressure should be?

Feel inside yourself – how strong should the corners of your mouth be?

What must haves your comb?

3 tips from me

  1. assuming that you are not interested in a plastic comb, you can choose between the materials wood or horn. Both materials have their advantages.
  2. you know for sure whether you have thin hair, normal thickness, or curly hair. With the help of our comb finder you will get suggestions for your hair type.
  3. wet hair may prefer to be combed with a wider teethed and dry hair may prefer to be combed with a finer teethed comb. Our most sold wooden comb is: No. 1A

We are happy to share our experience with you

In search of your favourite comb, we are happy to help you.


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