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Wooden energy comb for each hair

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I get goosebumps, chills go down my back, it gets under my skin...

Our body consists of more than 70 trillion cells and each cell had a voltage of about 140mV

There's the energy field that surrounds us, the meridians in our body, and our sense that something feels uncomfortable or feels good.

Our energy combs are made even finer and more sensitive and it's not primarily about sorting your hair. It's about your energy field, the meridians and your sense of well-being.

As a naturopath, I have been dealing with the 4 elements for decades and this is how the energy combs with the corresponding allocation came about.

Amaranth - Fire element

Oak - element earth

Walnut - Element of Water

Stone pine - the element of air

Use the 4-element personality test to find out which element predominates in you.
Please click here: 4-item personality test

We manufacture 3 different sizes:
• 9cm long to keep in your pocket for combing between meals.
• 12cm long as an all-rounder for energetic combing every day and in between.
• 16cm for long hair for daily energetic combing and energetic head massage.

Our energy combs:
• are made on site in Enzendorf with dedication, calm and flow
• are vegan
• were polished with organic coconut oil and diamond powder

You can also find more information in the blog post: Energy Comb

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A sustainable comb that lasts 10+ years, smooth untreated surfaces, maximum sustainable use of a tree that has often provided shade for more than 100 years and is a joy to comb.

Our goal is for you to comb your wet and dry hair as gently and gently as possible with a Groetsch wooden comb. The pleasant new combing feeling follows when your comb glides over the scalp

Working with wood and horn is a new experience every day. Horn is not just horn. Each piece of wood behaves a little differently. In order to be able to work with natural materials as individually as possible, we decided to go purely by hand more than 175 years ago.

Customers love it

"Well, our plastic comb broke in two! Now we have bought a No. 1A wooden comb. The quality of the wood and the workmanship are very good. We are delighted with this comb and are very satisfied with the purchase."

Thomas R

“I have known the Groetsch family for many years and know exactly how much passion, love, expertise and conviction the Groetsch family run the Kamm factory with. Thank you!"

Hannah L

"The story is that the wife gave the husband the beard comb for Christmas. He is super happy with it and she is happy that he always has such a well-groomed beard."

Linda & Mike